Don’t misunderstand the meaning of my title here… I’m not a lazy bum who doesn’t want to “work” to earn his living. My question above stems from innumerable conversations I have on a regular basis, with people who keep asking me, “Hey, why don’t you go sell cars? You’ve done that  and it’s great money!” or “There’s a really well paying position opening up with so-and-so, you should apply,” or “So, do you have a job yet?”

The answer to all these questions is always a great resounding NO. NO THANK YOU. What is so darn appealing about putting on company-approved clothing and punching in the clock day in and day out for a paycheck? WHY do people love it so much? Answer: they don’t. I don’t think anyone actually loves this at all; they are just stuck in an old system that no longer works. Even if I WANTED to get a job… why work for a company that has no loyalty to you? If you don’t know what I mean, check again with me tomorrow, I want to go a little deeper into this.


Recently, a financial planner asked me why in the world I choose to spend my most productive years in Networking. My answer was swift and decisive: because Networking rewards productivity…leveraged productivity. I would be embarrassed to admit that I was in any profession that encourages security-based salaries. Companies can keep their salaries, pensions, health plans, and Fords. Give me an UNLIMITED opportunity or give me death. I’d rather buy my own dream car than drive a free Taurus. I never wanted to be a doctor because I could only help one person at a time. I never wanted to be a lawyer because there are only a few billable hours every day.

No thanks, folks. I’m a Networker and proud to admit it. In fact, I’d be embarrassed to be anything else. I’m in a pyramid where everyone starts at the top and fills in the bottom instead of the pyramid the rest of the world tries to sell me, the one where I begin at the bottom and claw with blood and bone toward some elusive top I can’t ever quite catch sight of. I win when others win, not when they lose after I was promoted ahead of them. I give money to charities, but I prefer to FOUND them. I don’t have any structured hours, but I work hard and I’m on my phone constantly because I love interacting with winners. People who truly care about serving others and making a real difference. People who aren’t afraid to dream, and dream BIG. Every day at home spent with people I love is heaven on earth. That is why I work from home, because home is where I WANT to be! Not on a sales floor, or in a cubicle, or any other soul-sucking environment (in my humble opinion… I have lots of those, I’m afraid) that causes me to sink into my couch at the end of a long day, not even wanting to interact with my daughter as she asks to play with me, or hands me her favourite book to read.

So when some big “Business Man” questions my choice of career (I say that like that is the common incident – in most cases, though, my choices are questioned by people who are nowhere near reaching their life goals and doing nothing to get there) I don’t hesitate to express pride in what I do.


I really can’t judge anyone for being stuck in the system. The ones that get ahead in this performance economy, however, will be the ones leveraging income. It’s that simple.

Here is how I leverage mine.