The Networking profession is not new. If you look at companies like Amway or Enagic, you’ll be able to see that this business has been around for decades. Many of you have heard the pitch from the more aggressive (and usually less successful) Networkers, telling you you can build massive residual income, and that the average person can do it – and THIS is the best way to achieve financial freedom! There might even be a fist-punch to the air, if they’re really caught up in it.

I just want to clear up a couple of things first… It’s true that this really is the best option for the average person to create personal wealth. What most of these people above won’t tell you, though, is the kind of work it will take. They always make it sound easy  – and yet most of the time, they won’t even have a system for you to plug into. Do you know why most people who want to own their own business will invest in a franchise? Because it’s a proven system. They have the products, the name, and the training required to make that business work. They know that one of the reasons franchises are so successful is that they are based upon teaching a new franchise to do the same things that other already successful franchise owners are doing. Safe, right? All you need is $100,000 to $1,000,000 to get started…

My problem with this traditional franchise system is that, although you may now have your own business… you have also bought yourself a job. Now, I like multimedia and I also like to point to people who know a lot more than I do… so instead of explaining this I’m going to share a really amazing video with you. WATCH IT!

Have you Watched it yet? (yes these are all the same link… trying to maximise your opportunity to learn something really important.)

I really don’t know what to say that Robert hasn’t already said in his video. (DID YOU WATCH IT?! It’s okay, I know it’s 18 minutes long, who’s got time right? Let me help you out, there is a little red X in the top right corner of this window…. just go ahead a press it…)

I want you to understand, just like Robert says, that Network Marketing is NOT all about making money. The reason Network Marketing is truly wonderful is that it’s about HELPING people. You won’t truly understand this until you have done it for someone else… This business will make you cry, that much I can guarantee. One of my favourite experiences was with a middle aged single mom. Since her kids were born all she wanted to do was take her kids to Disneyland. She worked day and night just to stay afloat. Her debt was getting bigger and her dreams for herself and her children were shrinking as they slipped further and further away. When she was shown this business model, she understood this was a way for her to transition to the B side (that’s a Robert Kiyosaki reference… if you don’t get it, go back and watch that video 😉 and start building assets. I’m sure you know where this story is going. Yep, it’s going to Disneyland with her kids.

How did she do it? Simple. She knew a lot of people just like her who had no way out – and then, she showed them a way out. She served them, taught them, and allowed many people to achieve their own dreams. The secret is this: the more people you help to get everything they want out of life, the more you’ll realise you have all the freedoms you have ever dreamed of having. Trust me when I say there are a LOT of people out there who are really struggling in the 21st century. This new economy I talked about in my last post is not your friend, unless you take the advice of people who have overcome it and know the way out.

Going back to this franchise system people love so much. Network Marketing is no different when it comes to a working system. If you follow the system, then you will succeed. Makes sense?

Here is traditional Network Marketing as I was introduced to it: (NOTE: This is an example of a functioning system; not all teams work this way. “This way” being, with Leaders who support you and teach/tell you what to do until you become a leader yourself)

Step 1 – Someone invites you to see a Business Opportunity

Step 2 – You understand the opportunity and make the initial investment (Typically $350 – $1,500)

Step 3 – You meet with your leader where he/she tells you everything you will need to do within the next 30 days and beyond.

Step 4 – You have your own business launch (usually in the form of a meeting or party at your house, inviting as many people as you can to see this business opportunity)

Step 5 – The people that came to your launch who understood the opportunity the same way you did, jump on-board and the cycle continues.

This is fairly generalised and there are obviously important details I have left out for the sake of time.

This is how I spent my first few years building my business. I had a problem, though… One of the big reasons I loved this idea so much was that I could work from home. What I quickly learned was that as my Network got bigger, I was spending a lot of time OUTSIDE my home. Weird, right? I was just going to meetings and business launches perpetually. Considering that I simultaneously worked full time, I was actually at home very little. Now, I was fine with this in the respect that I was building assets, so that I could have more freedom later. But really, “later” wasn’t good enough for me. Full blunt honesty: I wanted babies, and I wanted them yesterday. For reasons I won’t disclose at this time, (to respect my wife’s privacy) I needed to be home more during the day for that to be an option for us – not just one or two of my waking hours.

This led to a lot of research. There HAD to be a way to build a Network online… and if there wasn’t, I would make one! I had a vision one morning of how this system was going to work, after finishing yet another book on the subject. I needed a way to plug prospects into something that would educate them on my product. I also needed proven training methods that would allow anyone who wanted to use my system to succeed just like me. A fully functioning system that would take a complete stranger and turn them into a customer or a business partner almost automatically. (I say almost because you still need to actually speak to these people…bummer, right? …Wrong, it’s actually pretty cool.)

So I got to work. Then, suddenly, a good friend of mine gives me the oh-so-familiar invitation to see his business opportunity. Being a smart business man, I am always open to seeing something new, especially (and probably exclusively) when it is brought to my attention by someone I trust.

Now wouldn’t you know, the system I had just started building was just laid out in front of me by this trusted friend, in all its glory. People were already using it, and finding huge success! It had already been created by amazing industry leaders, whose names I already knew! I think my response was something akin to “Plug me in, baby!”…

And now I work from home. For REAL. I couldn’t be happier.