When I speak to new potential business partners, something that often comes up is the question: “Why Limitless?” Other than the fact that my whole family uses their products (and love them), there are a number of reasons why I personally choose to align myself with Limitless Worldwide.

When it comes to building a business through Networking, there are a number of crucial factors that one must take into account. I’d like to break all these key points down so you understand why I chose Limitless as my vehicle to financial wealth, to fulfill my dreams and my mission for a better world.

The first thing we need to consider is where the company comes from, and the people involved. When it comes to any business, you can agree that the best way to predict the future of a company is to look at its past. What a company has done before is a great indicator of what it will do again.

In the case of Limitless Worldwide, all you have to do is look at its parent company Basic Research.

You don’t know them… but you know their products.

For almost two decades they’ve been distributing innovative formulations that address the specific needs of consumers – from weight loss to bodybuilding, anti-aging, joint health, skin care, cosmetics, and more. You can find their products at Walmart, Bloomingdale’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, Macy’s, Sephora, GNC, CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreen’s… and over 40,000 individual retail outlets worldwide. Basic’s vision of a responsive, ethical industry is changing the way cosmetic, fitness and weight-loss products are researched and marketed, and their reputation for cutting-edge product development and meticulous research speaks for itself.

Basic Research distributes some of the best-selling, most sought-after formulations on the market today.

The power of a debt-free billion dollar company to support and provide infrastructure for a new Network Marketing company is unprecedented. Because Basic Research is already selling their products in most developed countries in the world, they have all the required key relationships in place for Limitless Worldwide to rapidly expand in any way the market deems appropriate. This, again, is unprecedented.

So how and why was Limitless created if Basic Research is already so massively successful?

Limitless Worldwide represents the coming together of two major forces:

1. Steve and Melyn Campbell, who have over twenty years of experience in the network marketing industry and who are ranked in the top twenty all-time network marketing earners

2. Basic Research.

The Campbells are two of the most experienced, successful network marketers in the world. They were looking for a challenge, so the power couple decided to use their expertise to start their own network marketing business. Then, after eighteen months of touring the United States looking for a company with effective, unique products that would be a good fit for the industry, they were introduced to Basic Research.

The Campbells soon learned that Basic had never taken some of its most exciting products to market, because the company felt these products would sell most effectively only if the highly compelling research behind them could be shared with potential customers. But since retail shelves don’t tell stories, they feared the products wouldn’t do well in a regular store setting.

Eventually, the Campbells were given a long list of products that hadn’t yet gone to market and were asked which ones they thought would do best in the network marketing setting. They were blown away by what they saw.

“We were amazed by the caliber of products on that list,” Melyn says. “There were some truly revolutionary skin-care, weight-loss, and anti-aging formulations with incredible research results that were just waiting for someone to tell their story.”

Steve and Melyn narrowed the list down to the top products they felt had the most compelling research, would appeal to a wide consumer base, and would be the most successful in the industry – and thus, Limitless Worldwide was born. This company is completely unique in the network marketing field, because it brings together the power of wildly successful network marketing veterans and a retail giant.

The Limitless team is focused on creating highly specialized, scientifically validated products that get real results, and is dedicated to going beyond testimonials by refusing to back any product that doesn’t have proven science behind it. They’re so committed to this ideal, in fact, that they’ve trademarked the term “Science… Beyond Testimonials.”

The truth of this is shown with another phenomenon I have never seen or heard of in a Networking company. Typically, the people who buy and use the products of these companies ARE the distributors with very few, if any, customers. Which is why it’s of crucial importance to have what I call “Real products”, meaning something of great benefit, sold at market value to real consumers.

*** The “Juice Company” is a great example I like to use to explain what I mean by that. When a distributor tells you about an incredible juice that is delicious and will make you healthier than you have ever been. And then tells you the wholesale price is $40 for 1 litre… this to me is not a real product. No matter how good this juice is, I personally would never go into a store and buy a litre of juice for that much money. Unless of course, if I believe I know a number of people who would and I could possibly make some money off of them… and when I realise I was wrong, guess what? I’m going to stop buying the $40 juice. This means no distributor retention, and definitely no real customers. ***

In Limitless Worldwide what we are seeing is that the average distributor has on average 2 – 4 customers for every distributor that they enroll. Not only that, but in the case of the Thrive-hGH product, the retention rate for customers who try the product for 30 days is 70%. Once those people stay on this particular product for 4 months or more that number moves to 98.5% retention. Numbers don’t lie!

Plus, Limitless Worldwide’s revolutionary, patent-pending TriBrid Overlay Compensation Plan™ is unlike anything the industry has ever seen. It was designed by Melyn Campbell , who has degrees in accounting and economics as well as statistics and finance, and who has designed many compensation plans for network marketing companies over the course of the last twenty years.

She’s considered one of the top experts in the world on comp plans, and she designed her TriBrid Overlay Compensation Plan to not only help top-earning executives, but to give part-time distributors a real opportunity to make money by creating multiple income streams off the same downline.

“We were tired of seeing people go through the ‘revolving door’ of network marketing because they couldn’t make money,” Steve says. “We strongly believe this industry should be about distributor and customer retention, and our goal here was to create a plan that was incredibly kind to the part-time distributor, while at the same time driving customer acquisition.”

Hopefully this helps you understand why I choose Limitless Worldwide as my business.

(Here is a great video put out by Limitless Worldwide.)