A boy and his sister were each given small velvet bags.

The little girl’s bag held candy, while the boy’s bag held marbles.

After discovering the contents of their bags, the little girl asked her brother if he wanted to trade.

He thought about it.

He finally agreed, but as he looked in his bag one last time he noticed three of the marbles were especially beautiful.

Knowing his sister would never know, he took them out and hid them before making the trade.

The little girl, happy with her decision to switch, slept soundly that night.

The boy however tossed and turned and could not sleep.

What kept him awake was fear… what candy could his sister have taken out of his bag?!


Think about the saying, “the truth shall set you free.” This story reveals a side of it you may not have thought of:

Uncompromising honesty will keep you safe from the emotional pitfalls of paranoia and greed. (A lady, for example, upon hearing this story for the first time, panicked unceasingly about her boyfriend always accusing her of cheating.)

Keep this in mind when someone is rude to you at the supermarket, or flips you the bird after you accidentally cut them off in traffic. You don’t know the whole picture, and people tend to react more to their own weaknesses than to any of your actions. Keep your thoughts free of prejudice, and stop yourself before you judge them too harshly. You’ll begin to discover what “free” really means.