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Networking was my career of choice for reasons I state plainly throughout my blog, but I had some things I wanted from this profession that were not readily available. Then one day, after reading many books and doing a TON of online research, I figured out a way to adapt my business-building to fit the lifestyle I wanted.

Working from home was a great idea. But when working from home meant going from meeting to meeting OUTSIDE of my home? And not making it back until nighttime, tired and worn out… that wasn’t the ideal setting I had in mind.

I want to share the proven system I use. Not only can you build your business strictly online and using your phone… This system will also help you train others to do the same, so they can train others, and on and on it goes! The best part is that most of this duplication, using this system, is automated. Oh, and it’s FREE.

If you are a Networker or looking to start your very own business using the principles that I share in my blog, look below to see a product that is the best option I have found in the marketplace in the following categories:

  • Company Background – Who they are and where they are from <— WATCH THIS
  • Clinically Proven Results – Thirteen years of Clinical Research including double blind placebo trials
  • Positioning – Product is new to market, is one of the most researched topic on Google, and has no competition. (With 12 confirmed patents and more pending.)
  • Compensation – When I look at compensation plans, what I really look at is the long term. The payout here is about 3 or 4 times larger than any other company I have researched when it comes to total organizational volume commissions. (I have looked at many many companies, including the most renown)

Click the link below to learn about this product.

The Dream Machine


I will personally teach you what you need to do from A – Z to assure your success. No, I’m not going to simply subscribe you to a series of emails. We will speak on the phone and figure out how to fit this system into your current schedule and lifestyle. I understand that a lot of people are completely new to starting a business and that this might mean very long conversations. That’s okay. “But Kylian, that’s crazy. How in the world do you have time to help so many people?!?” If you haven’t understood this yet form my blog, there is nothing I love more than this work. I genuinely love meeting new people helping them achieve their goals, step by step. Remember that “A rising tide lifts all boats.”

Contact me to get your: 

1. Full system Training

2. Online Automated Marketing System (with marketing assistant.)

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